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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  August 5, 2009 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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university of maryland now where the mccalvin library has been evacuated because of a suspicious package. >> the package was discovered outside the library. bomb squad techs on the scene have determined that the package is suspicious and they've cordoned off the area while they render the package safe. paul dillon with the university of maryland police department. paul, what can you tell us about this? >> yeah, what i can tell you at this point is at 1:00 a citizen alerted our agency to a suspicious package outside of the mccalvin library. our officers went to the scene, determined that it was, in fact, suspicious in nature, contacted the bomb squad. we set up a perimeter around -- a safe perimeter around the package and evacuated mccalvin. right now the bomb squad for prince george's county is taking secure measures. if they do feel that it does present some danger and there might be a device, they might
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ta steps to deneutralize it. >> how big a package are we talking about, do you know? >> it was left just outside of the main entrance to the library facing the mall and the package is about the size of a shoe box problemly. >> and have you evacuated the library or other buildings? >> just the library at this poe point. based on the size of the package, determined that we needed to evacuate the library only so no other buildings have been evacuated. still business as usual on the rest of the campus. >> paul dillon with the university of maryland police. thank you for taking the time with us. a gunman opened fire today outside a home in buffalo, new york. this happened overnight. two people were kill and three others were injured. happened around 2:00 this morning. a 25-year-old man and a 19-year-old woman died at the scene. three others were taken to the hospital in serious condition.
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police are still trying to establish a motive. they haven't made any arrests in the case. the gunfire erupted just a few hours after neighbors and police wrapped up their national night out event to promote safe neighborhoods. they're home. two american journalists jailed in north korea are back with their families. a jet carrying euna lee and laura ling arrived in california around dawn this morning. they were greeted with hugs and kisses from their families. the two were accompanied by former president bill clinton whose talks with north korea's leader secured their release. they had been detained since march. president obama says the administration is released that the two have been set free. we'll have a full report coming up on "news 4 at 4:00":30. a scare for some students today when their bus crashed into another vehicle. this happened around 10:30 this morning in vvienna. as you can see here, the crash wasn't much more tn a fender
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bender, but there were youngsters onboard at the time. some of them suffered minor injuries and were taken to the hospital as a precaution. there is a bold new plan in the works to limit the spread of sexually transmitted diseases among young people in this area. the plan calls for testing students for certain stds at every high school. >> reporter: teenagers are used to taking tests. it's part of going to school. but in the district of columbia there's a new test this year, one that ruires labwork. d.c. public schools will offer tests for sexually transmitted diseases at all highchools taginning that fall. tngkihet tes t is voluntary and will not require parentalng concept. the move comes aer a pay lot og eprinm ightind.c. schools thfod etun b atigenwe12 and 14ef the 3,00eensns tested were positive for either chlamydia or gone rhea.
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many parntds are praising the program. >> they need to be treated, cured, educated to keep it from happening again. >> it's important for teenagers to understand what the risks are and to be healthy. >> reporter: but others think parents should have to give permission first. >> i have two boys in the d.c. system, one 15 and one 11. and i want to know what's going on. i mean i require permission slips for everything else. >> reporter: the d.c. health department will give the tests and all of the results are 1 lun00% confidential. they'll be offered free treatment. they'll only be tested for gonorrhea or chlamydia, not hiv. keep those umbrellas hane folks. we're going to need them. 4 tuep in "st >> that' for sure, jim. showers. we'll have isolated ones here
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this evening coming up. more probably overnight. there you can see clouds where it's been a partly sunny kind of day. some of the showers moving in. meanwhile, there's that weather front. hung up west of the area. and as it gradually moves to the east, we're going to see it slow the system down. so more showers in the forecast for the next 24 hours at least. looking wet for tomorrow and cool. 90 degrees, the temperature right now at reagan national. look at richmond at 92. raleigh at 88. they even about had a lot of steam down there, high humidity. py our area we're going the see temperatures drop to the low 80s. and by 7:00 p.m. we'll be in the upper 70s. last night we got a little bit of relief from the humidity. it's going to be a humid evening for us. isolated forecast. a showery type day. wait till you see how cool it's going to be and wait till you
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see how hot sunday's looking. we'll take a look at the seven-day forecast and much more in just a few minutes. >> thanks, veronica. ts> leul ce pe bsttsleop women nd aomen w and a adannme er. de nman were dead. e edidomov se wovided some what set ha set hi ofm ies say hekealto wind aitkeald fe, anlvit w,h fhrou handguns and a deadly plan he apparently had been working on for months. here's brian mooar. >> reporter: authorities in pennsylvania revealed more details about the victims and the shooting club ram paj. george sodini left behind troubling ominous evidence that he had been planning theser shtt he left behind a blog. it had his date of birth and his date of death. hihs status. never married. he complained he hadn't had a
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girlfriend since 1994. and 30 million women in the united states, not one found him attractive. he said he tried a similar attack on jan 26 but chickened out. brought loaded guns. authorities say there little they could have done to stop him. >> he's had the hatred in him. he blames his mother and everything else. society. >> reporter: this neighbor said he thought he knew sodini. he seemed like a private man. >> very private person. i seen him coming and going. >> mary is a pregnant fitness teacher who was shot. >> when i was on the floor, i felt the first bullet in my left shoulder and about 30 seconds later i felt the second in my back. >> reporter: meanwhile at the fitness club people are coming one by one to pay their respects, trying to make their peace with what happened. troubling questions and even
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more troubling answers about a shooting rampage and why it happened. brian mooar, nbc news, bridgeville, pennsylvania. a warning today from senate majority leader harry reid to lawmakers, be prepared to work on the cash for clunkers program, even if it meansmying out on their summer break. senator reid says if the congress doesn't pass the $2 billion program they might meet out on some of their august recess. he had the votes in the senate. the program is running out of funds quickly. it's estimated as many as 3,000 vehicles have been purchased in the first few days. this funding would help keep the program afloat until next month. here's a look at the closing numbers from wall street this wednesday afternoon. stocks took a steep step downward. the dow lost 40 points.
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the nasdaq was off 18 ints. and the new york stock exchange down 16. president obama's approval ratings on the economy are headed down as well. many are being heckled by angry constituents. today the president fired back at what the democratic party is calling the mobs. steve handelsman has the latest. >> reporter: president obama went to elk hard, indiana, to announce more stimulus projects, trucks. >> all made right here in the u.s. of a. right here in america. >> reporter: but when mr. obama came here in february kicking off the stimulus plan, unemployment was 15.3%. now it's 16.8%. watch aing billions go to car companies and to wall street and stimulus billions going to city and state governments, more americans are telling pollsters they feel left out.
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president obama told nbc's chuck todd he's aware -- >> it is a problem. >> reporter: -- which he's trying to fisk. >> rescue the economy and you're starting to see unemployment drop a little bit here. >> reporter: protesters are disrupting the events. he was drowned out on youtube. upstate new york house majority leader hoyer -- >> you're lying me. >> reporter: pennsylvania democrat arlen spector. in a web ad, the democratic party claims the disruptions are organized by republican leaders. >> they have no plan for moving our country forward, so they've called out the mob. >> reporter: president obama took a shot. >> some caused the problems in the first place and they're suddenly blaming over folks for it. >> reporter: he's sending out
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the vice president and others to send out more stimulus funds and talk up recovery. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, washington. >> when we come right back on ""news 4 at 4:00,"" a jubilant a reunion between the two journalists and their family and friends. and the incredible story of how 14 people came together to save a number of lives in there's something big happening at pizza hut. - woooh, nice! - that's a lot of food! now get big meals like our stuffed pizza rolls, pizza mia, the p'zone... and our personal panormous pizza starting at just $5. the big eat tiny price menu. only at pizza hut.
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they're dedicated to safety. today he joined transportation officials to announce
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improvements on a two-mile stretch. while en route to the safety event last year he came across an accident scene where a pedestrian was hit and killed. >> that renewed my commitment to make sure that we should do everything possible within montgomery county and within this region to not allow that to occur anywhere else in this county. >> some improvements to the area include improved police enforcement, larger sign, even painting the speed limit on to the streets. the county also trimmed back overgrown trees and bushes. officials tell us the average speed limit in the area has been ree deuced from 50 miles an hour to 40. three teenagers have been charged with setting fire to a football field in frederick county. also ahead it's back to classes for some arlington grade schoolers. there are four other stories making headlines in the washington area today. prince george's county police have made a quick arrest
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in a murder they say was part of a domestic dispute. 23-year-old samuel rollins fortune is charged with first degree murder accused in the shooting and killing of marcus leon viens yesterday morning. the shooting happens in the 6400 block of livingston road. three other victimses were taken to the hospital suffering gunshot wounds. they're all expected to be fine. police say all parties involved knew each other. they say fortune shot the other four, then ran. >> reporr: pole have arrested three teen whose they say burned part of a high school football field in frederick county. they attend brunswick high. they think these three vandalized middle school earlier this week. they believe they used lighter fluid, doing more than $75,000 in damage. >> reporter: it's only the start of august, but already some arlington students are hding
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back to classes. bar kroft elementry opened its doors this morning for a first day of school for the 2009 school year. bar kroft is now operating on a modified school year. school is shorter to give students more frequent short breaks throughout the year. bar kroft is the only school operating on this schedule. >> reporter: d.c. mayor adrian fenty was on hand today to announce pla for a brand new playground. the project will provide a new playground area at sa foye elementary. the first day of school for d.c. students is august 24th. some new research shows fish oils may help reduce theisk of heart attack in people already suffering from heart disease. a study published in the general of american.
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the daily dose of the omega fatty acids cut the risk by a third. they recommend 500 milligrams of omega-3s per day. patients with heart disease should get double that amount. fish oils will also reduce the risk of heart failure and sudden cardiac death. adding yoga to your exercise routine may help shed those unwanted pounds by training your mind as well as your body. researchers say yoga teaches mindfulness, which can lead to weight los. a study of more than 300 seattle areas and fitness studios say peop who practice yoga pay more attention to their body's hunger cues, eating only when they're hungry and stopping when they're full. they're also less likely to snack throughout the day. previous studies have shown that people who mindlessly snack are more likely to be overweight.
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now a major medical breakthrough. today doctors from two d.c. hospitals announced an unprecedented 14-person kidney swap, and all the organ recipients are african-americans who are especially hit hard by kidney failure and who are often difficult to match. the donors and the recipients met for the first time recently. eun yang has more. >> reporter: it's an emotional reunion for 61-year-old elizabeth garner. she's meeting jordan for the first time. he ee the man who gave her his kidney. >> this man's an angel. my angel. >> and her husband larry, he's meeting dasha. she now has his kidney. it all started two weeks ago when mcfader got up at 5:30 in the morning to donate to someone he never met. he did it for his wife elizabeth. she's in kidney failure and living on dialysis. >> i do not want to live like
4:19 pm
this. i want to die. >> reporter: their reunion is the result of a 14-person kidney swap between patients at georgetown university hospital and washington hospital center. mcfader participated in the hopes that someone else in the group would be a match for elizabeth and in return one of the others could take larry's kidney. the lucky recipient of his kidney, dasha, her father gave her one of his 14 years ago, but it's now failing. >> it's very draining. it's no kind of life i wish on anyone. >> the rest of the group, a total of 14 surgeries over four days, for what makes this kidney swap unprecedented. all of the recipients are african-american. the doctor is a director of kidney transplants at georgetown. >> we really have an epidemic of kidney disease in this country, especially in the urban centers.
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>> reporter: sky-rothing rates of diabetes and high blood pressure are the reason. 32% are black and there aren't enough donors. that's because african-americans are more likely to build up antibodies thatted by up rejection, but now doctors are using a new process to actually filter those antibodies from blood plasma making transplant an option. >> we think with thi procedure we could perform thousands more transplants in this country. approximately two to 3,000 more could be done every year. >> reporter: in fact, all those who received a kidney in the swap could use this procedure. for these 14 people it was the ultimate gift exchange. >> you're helping to save many lives. >> reporter: eun yang, news 4. >> here in d.c. there are about 6,000 on alysis. doctors only perform about 250 transplant as year. >> that's a wonderful story. when it comes to flying, you
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can't get there from here, at least on time. find out why many airlines are leaving late and showing up late too. no reward for this teller who foiled thet the athe
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it seems a lot of air travelers are not getting to their destinations on time this summer. delays at the nation's airports during the month of june were the worst since december. airlines had a combined on-time arrival rate of just over 76%. com air had the worst on-time record while hawaiian airlines had the best record. they blame congestion, equipment problems, and bad weather for the delays. hmm. we had some cloudy skies. are we going to get rained out tonight, the nats >> three wins? no problem. tomorrow, a completely different story. the sky will be filled with a lot more clouds. there's a look at our sky cam right now.
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more clouds tomorrow. it's going to feel like a may kind of day tomorrow. 90 degrees, the temperature. actually not bad a. got a little bit of a droper in eewp d temp. 12 mil per hour. 've got back-to-back 90 degree days. it's only the second time we've done that. back-to-back 90 degree days. and we're still talking about upcoming a bit of a heat wave, a stretch of heat starting on sunday. it's 90 here. now we're cooler than down south. raleigh, south carolina, they had a heat index reading just a couple of hours ago well over 100 degrees. the cooling temperatures, 69. here we're at 65. by the time we get to saturday, this weekend, our numbers will be close to that 69 degree reading. wait feels like out there, in the low 90s in new yo.
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down to raleigh, north carolina, even atlanta feeling like only about 92 degrees. so no major heat over the area right now. again, that's going to change this upcoming weekend, especially on sunday. beginning of a bit of a heat wave for our area. across the area, so you might say where are all those showers that we're expecting. well, the showers have been hajing back to the west. that's where our weather system is. through pennsylvania, through northern west virginia, back to northern kentucky with low pressure. and this low pressure system is kind of hanging up the front, if you will, as the front makes its way off to the east. it's going to slow down even more. we'll be looking at, i think, a pretty soggy rush and even wetter afternoon rush coming up for tomorrow. so let me take you through the next 48 hours. there'll be a few showers around for, i think, late tonight. around 8:00, 9:00. some scattered showers. early tomorrow morning, wet weather around the area. then with the front coming in,
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low pressure moving up. the possibility of even some moderate and perhaps even pockets of heavy rain. friday, though, is looking delightful with less humidity and back into the mid to upper 80s. for your evening, 80 to 85 degrees. it's a tad humid out there. i'll be out on the front lawn in a few minutes. starting out tomorrow, it will be cloudy. sun's up at 6:14. temperatures between 65 and 70. and, again, our afternoon high feeling a lot like may, believe it or not. upper 70s across the area. that is it. so lingering showers that probably won't end until sometime late tomorrow evening. jim and pat, your forecast in just a few. >> thanks, veronica. back at home with family and friends at their a sides. we'll have the latest on those journalists just released from north korea. details about michael jackson's death are known but
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they're not being released. we'll explain why. paula abdul chooses an et td know about a big change in h aget with her son off to college, liz turned to target for great deals. like a twenty dollar comforter for his bed.
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hello and welcome back to s 4" at 4:00. neighbors describe george sodini as the man who opened fire as anti-social.
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there's also word that he kept a web page where he blocked about years of rejection by women and detailed an earlier failed attempt to carry out a shooting at that same gym. three women were killed before the gunman took his own life. all high schoolers in the district will have the option of getting tested for sexually transmitted diseases. this program started last year at eight schools and organizers discovered that 13% of the students tested positive f std. they're calling the program a positive step in the city's efforts. harry reid urmged colleagues to pump another $2illion into the popular cash-for-clunkers program program or they might miss some of their break. it encourages them to turn in their gas guzzlers and turn it in for a new more fuel-efficient vehicle. it's already helped more than a
4:32 pm
quarter new americans buy new cars. this has been an amazing and emotional day for two american jury roomists. laura ling and euna lee are back home in california celebrating their new-found freedom with their families. >> the two were freed yesterday and returned to the states that morning after former president bill clinton stepped in. jay gray has more. >> reporter: as euna lee and laura ling stepped off the plane and back into freedom, they carried with them the emotions of nearly five months in captivity. >> the past 140 days have been the most difficult heart-wrenching time of our lives. >> reporter: her voice quivering. ling talked about the moment they realized they were finally going home. >> we feared that at any moment we could be sent to a hard labor camp. >> reporter: instead communist officials took the american journalists to a different location. >> when we walked in through the
4:33 pm
doors, we saw standing before us president bill clinton. [ applause ] we were shocked but we knew the night mary of our lives was finally coming to an end. >> reporter: the former president made the trip to california where he was greeted by his vice president al gore. >> it speaks well of our country that when two o american citizens are in harm's way that so many people would just put things aside and just go to work to make sure that this has had a happy ending. >> reporter: president obama shared in the joy from the white
4:34 pm
house. >> we are obviously extraordinarily relieved. >> reporter: this day it suspect about the feign fair or politicians. it's about two families who are finally whole again. >> to be able to look into her eyes and her little face again was absolutely indescribable. >> reporter: a vision they were waiting and hoping for almost five months now. we're learning more about the time the women were locked away in north korea. they were sentenced to 12 years hard labor but never taken to a work camp. officials did keep them separated during that time there and would not allow them to speak e to one another. in los angeles, jay gray, "news 4." iranian a president mahmoud ahmadinejad has been sworn in for a second term now and protesters continue to voice their opposition today. after taking the oath of office ahmadinejad pledged to protect the border. he always pledged for national
4:35 pm
unity. during the ceremony hundreds of demonstrators hit the streets. security forces were brought in to break them up. ten were arrested. many believe he was reelected by fraud. back here in the states there are new developments in the michael jackson criminal investigation. here's jeff rossen now with more on that story plus reaction from one of jackson's friend whose says someone should be held responsible for the pop star's death. >> reporter: after 41 days, five search warrants and countless appeals for search records it's now coming to a head. the l.a. coroner now confirms they know what drugses were in michael jackson's system but they won't allow the release yet. >> the main reason to hold back this kind of information is so the law a enforcement doesn't tip their hand to an imminent arrest or future search warrants. >> reporter: court papers show
4:36 pm
they're looking into several source but dr. conrad murray is the focus of it. frank dileo has been friends with jackson since the '70s and has been his manager since the time of his death. >> somebody should pay. somebody help add person die. >> if michael was helped on painkillers, what level is his responsibility. >> if he was in that much pain, he should have said something to other people besideses doctors. >> maybe you. >> maybe me. why he didn't confide in me, i'll go to my grave worrying about that one. >> and when we come back on "news 4" at 4:00, a movie about michael jackson could soon be coming to a theater near you. that story straight ahead on "news 4."
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center 4." outside we've got some clouds here, just a few. we were dry throughout the area. i think we'll see some rain showers coming back later tonight. we've only had a few today. 90 is the temperature. it's plenty hot out there. mid 70s to low 80s, west virginia to western maryland. a few little drops there passing through our area, early part of the day. more through west virginia, rough southwestern virginia. that's some of what will be coming up our way during the overnight period. i think a chance of getting some back in here around 11:00. it looks like it's going to be wet in the morning. high temperatures tomorrow only in the upper 70s across the area. feeling a lot like may. 86 the forecast high for friday. so we go from cool and pretty wet, too, for tomorrow. could be looking at moderate to heavy rain to a low humidity.
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a bankeller in washington state is out of work today for what some people would consider an act of hair ohhism. the teller chased down and
4:46 pm
caught a would-be robber but then got fired. george lewis has this story. >> reporter: jim nicholson has lots of time on his hands these days after being terminated for taking on this man pushing a back pack over the bank counter and demanding money. nickelson threw the back bag back at the man and chased him out of the bank. >> i pursued him down the alley way, down the main street, walking by all the people on the street. i felt confident that i could app pre hend him, that i could stop him from doing this again. >> and with the help of a passer-by he did stop the suspect identified as aaron sloan. while sloan has not yet been charged in this case, he is on federal probation for similar crimes. nickelson's reward for his actions? the bank fired him? why? a key bank spokesperson wouldn't directly comment but they said
4:47 pm
their highest priority is to protect the safety of its clients and employees above all else. this clip from the movie "out of sight" starring george clooney illustrates what bank tellers are instructed to do. cooperate with the robbers. >> is this your first time being a robber? you're doing great. just smile so it doesn't look like you're being held up. >> in no way do we suggest physical confrontation with a robber. just too many things can go wrong. >> reporter: still some bank customers expressed shock at the firing of nickelson. >> i just can't believe tha he would get fired for doing something that i feel was right. >> as for nickelson, he says despite being fired, if he had to do it all over agai he would. and this word just in this afternoon from college park, that suspiciou package that we told you about at the top of our hour has been x-rayed and deemed safe. "american idol" shocker.
4:48 pm
paula abdul says she's done. bu ds hid did it that has got people talking today. good afternoon a. i'm wendy rieger. just ahead. we're going to have the latest on the deadly shooting at the fitness center where the man opened fire inside the crowded club killing several people. we're going to have a live report. news for your health, helping women overcome infertility when other methods have failed. and an airline is using facebook allowing users to find the bestn there's something big happening at pizza hut. - woooh, nice! - that's a lot of food! now get big meals like our stuffed pizza rolls, pizza mia, the p'zone... and our personal panormous pizza starting at just $5. the big eat tiny price menu. only at pizza hut.
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she's brave, back out in the elements again. veronica johnson. warmer today. you look so cool. >> warmer today but we got a little bit of a humidity drop. if you look up at the sky, not too bad too. those showers, they're being held west of the area by our weather front and low pressure that's hung up. so great day for going to the ballpark indeed. we take on the marlins. hey, we've gothree wins. let's see if we can go for number 4. 86 degrees. warm and not too humid out there. nice day. it's not going to be so nice tomorrow. we've got another game plan. we're going to be looking at wet weather across the area. we're dry right now. high temps across the area.
4:52 pm
for tomorrow, 79, 80 degrees. look at the trend. and tch your tv screen. down to the south over texas because that's where the big heat is. 103. triple digit readings. sizzling heat. watch over the next couple of days as it comes eastward. looks like a heat wave for us. starting on saturday, d.c. 96 degrees. we continue to the mid and upper 90s. coming up after that going into next week. jim, pat? >> thanks, veronica. coming up, the police say they've arrested the infamous naked burglar. wait till you hear where he worked. >> that's an interesting story. as the vote draws near a number o abrasive on dentures? look, scratches collect and grow cause bad breath instead clean without scratching causing bacteria every day
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here are some of the top stories maybing news on the web today. last week she was tweeting that she could only come back to "american idol" if the deal was fair. now paula abdul is calling it quits. last night the straight-up singer tweeted, quote, with sadness in my heart i decided not to return to idol. jackson's movie could be coming to a theater e near you. the feature film would be based
4:56 pm
on jackson's rehearsals for what was to be his concert comeback series in london. more than 100 hours of video of jackson's last rehearsal are available. d.> the naked burglar has laech d.en chael victor of philadelphia, a school district janitor is accused of burglarizing two women's apartmentses, rifling through their bras and underwear and painting obscenities on their walls. they say he also vandalized the bedroom of a 4-year-old girl living next door. friendly's ice cream corporation is opening its first friendly's express in massachusetts. company officials say customers will be able to order at the counter and employees will bring their food to the table in less than ten minutes. the company hopes to open six more friendly express restaurants by the end of next
4:57 pm
year. the senate is debating whether to approve judge sonia sotomayor's nomination to the supreme court. she's expected to be confirmed but republican opposition is mounting. tracie potts has the latest. >> we say confirm her now. >> reporter: at a rally outside the capitol, lawmakers, civil rights groups, hispanic leader, women, and others urged the senate to say yes to judge soto my yore. >> judge sonya soto my yore, she is not only an skplept choice. she is the right choice. >> reporter: inside they took turns debating her record, rulings against gun rights and white firefighters. most mostly -- at least 20 republicans will say they will vote against her. >> i'm not sure she will set aside her personal judgments and views. >> reporter: democrats defended
4:58 pm
her wide latina comment. >> what's wrong with a little ethnic pride? >> reporter: not on the high court, critics say, where decisions are all about applying the law. some republicans are saying they're willing to give sotomayor a chance. >> i do not believe the constitution tells me i should refuse to support her merely because i disagree with her in some cases. aisle support her. i'll be proud for her. >> but he's not thinking re-election, but that's an issue because voters are saying they won't forget. >> i hope they will vote on the right side of history because is is a vote that matter and be long remembered by our latino community. the final vote is expected to happen on thursday. from capitol hill, tracie potts. "news 4." >> that's "news 4 at 4:00." "news 4 at 5:00" starts right now.
4:59 pm
tonight at 5:00, an emotional homecome oing, two journalistists jailed in north korea for five months return home tonight. caught on tape, a man is tasered by police three times and gets up like nothing happened. and cash-for-clunkers program is creating big business for automakers but the programs are causing problems at local charities. good evening, welcome to "news 4 at 5:00," i'm wendy rieger. there was a serious car crash within the last hour. several people were hurt. traycee wilkins is on the scene right now. tracee? >> hi, jim. you see these two vehicles here. they were involved in this accident. the cadillac came down the street, striking this suv. the suv flipped over. the cadillac wassal seriously damaged in this extent as you can see. there were two people in that cadillac. three people in the suv. er


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